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Class Descriptions

POUND - Come unleash your inner rockstar by jamming with lightly weighted ripstix (like drumsticks) to a variety of great music. You will incorporate cardio, pilates and plyometric moves for a total body workout. 

Cardio Kickboxing - This is the class that will keep you sane! Learn boxing basics and combos to build your endurance! (Boxing gloves optional)

Boot Camp - Join us for this exciting and motivating class! You will work with fun fitness equipment, learn proper form, work as a team, and have tons of fun while challenging yourself inside and out. This class is a MUST for body transformation. Don't let the name scare you- ALL levels are welcome and encouraged to work at their own pace.

Cardio Dance - Fuse fun music with choreographed dance moves. Rest your mind and let your body go! No dance experience required. 

STEP Express - The Fit Factory is bringing back this fun and effective class that incorporates high-low impact cardio moves utilizing a step! (Occasional weights and floor work is incorporated).

Body Blast - is all about working the whole body from head to toe. It includes working hot spots like inner thighs, muffin tops, and triceps. It’s a great and complete workout for all! This class uses weights, occasionally steps and other various types of equipment. A great workout to sculpt and tone the entire body!  

Sculpt & Tone - An effective way to condition the body implementing various equipment and unique, effective exercise movements. 

STRONG Nation/Low Impact Strong - Take your fitness to the next level with this choreographed HITT (High Intensity Tempo Training) workout! Challenge your body by using body weight, muscle conditioning, cardio and plyometric moves synced to music. Low Impact Strong is a great workout without all the extra intense and high impact movements. 

Belly Dancing - “Shimmy what your mama gave you!” The origin of belly dance comes from the middle east. It is an effective, low impact exercise that will teach you traditional belly dancing techniques, movements and dances. (It is a specialty class and an extra charge for the series).

Chisel & Tone - Take those weights and define those muscles with this effective strength training session! Learn how to pick weights just right for you, execute different exercises and feel the BURN!

Cardio Dance & Tone - Get ready for a little dancing that will rev your metabolic engine. This class fuses cardio dance moves and light toning to create those long lean muscles. 

Box FitTake your endurance to a whole new level by focusing on boxing combinations that will increase skill and agility. It's ok to hit here. (Boxing gloves optional)  

Rise & Grind - Don't miss this class full of everything your body needs: HIIT, Cardio, Strengthening and MORE.

Bounce & Tone (Trampoline) -  Come boost your cardio health, improve endurance and relieve stress and tension. You’ll develop better balance, coordination and motor skills! Easy on the joints. (Limited trampolines)

YOGA - Take this therapeutic, low impact class to restore, define and stretch muscles. 

Warrior Rope Camp - Work on agility and endurance at this outdoor rope camp. Beginners WELCOME!

Small Group Training - Available upon request.

EXPLODE- This fitness format is great for EVERYONE. Combine strength and HIIT movements to the beat of top 40 music! 

Walk & Talk - Come take a walk and de-stress with your life coach! Exercise and gain some tips for an organized and productive lifestyle. 

**Specialty Classes - Specialty classes offer concentrated instruction and require additional fees outside of membership and class card pricing. 

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