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Class Schedule: Services

Class Schedule


5:30am Rise & Grind w. Amy

5:30pm Pound Fitness w. Jes

5:30pm Warrior Rope Camp (outdoor class/weather permitting) FREE for September 2022

6:30pm Belly Dancing - Advanced Troop - Specialty Class


5:30am BootCamp w. Linda

5:30pm Muscle Pump w. Linda

6:30pm Box Fit w. Amy (gloves optional)

7:30pm Belly Dancing - Beginner - Specialty (Starts 9/13/22 and runs for 6 weeks)


5:30am Cardio Kickboxing w. Kelly 

5:30pm Cardio Dance & Tone w. Denise 

6:30pm Strong Nation w. Sharon

7:30pm Country Flame - Specialty class (Starts 9/14/22 and runs for 6 weeks)


5:30am Chisel & Tone w. Tina

5:30pm Muscle Pump  w. Amy

6:30pm Cardio Dance w. Melissa

7:15pm BootCamp w. Linda


5:30am Strong Nation w. Sharon 

**Friday evening POP UP classes and Adult Paint classes on Friday evenings. Check our FB and Instagram pages for updates. 


8:00am Box Fit w. Amy

9:00am Cardio Dance & Tone w. Christine and Amy


8:00am Barre & Tone w. Melissa

9:00am Cardio Dance w. Melissa 

10:00am YOGA w. Sharon

*All classes subject to change without notice. 

**Personal Training, Nutrition Coaching, Life Coaching, Small Group Training and Massage by appointment. 

No upcoming events at the moment
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